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About Kathryn

A Registered Electrologist since 1991, Kathryn also holds a BSBA in Management and an MBS in International Business. She worked in the corporate world for 5 years before going back to school for electrolysis at the Eleanor Roberts Institute of Electrology in Massachusetts.

Now living in NYC, she was surprised to learn New York does not require electrologists to be licensed. Kathryn believes it is important to maintain her Massachusetts license and keep up with the continuing education requirements in order to provide her clients with the best in practice electrolysis services.

Kathryn Butters - Registered Electrologist Certificate - The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Kathryn Butters - Newbury College - Program in Medical Electrology

Kathryn Butters - Newbury College - Dean's List

Electrology in Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts insists on the highest standards in electrology licensing. To this end, the electrology profession is governed by the State Board of Registration of Electrologists, a board which serves under the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure. Comprised of three registered electrologists, one medical doctor and one public member, this body functions to address consumer safety and the safety of the members of the electrology profession through establishing educational requirements, appropriate policy and continuing education standards.

MA Requirements for the Practice of Electrology

A minimum training of 1100 hours, consisting of both didactic and practical education, is required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the practice of electrology. Upon successful completion of a course of study at a state-approved electrology school, each candidate must pass both a written and a practical State Board examination. Successful completion of the state examination results in the issuance of a state license which allows the candidate the designation of “Registered Electrologist”. Electrology licenses are renewed every two years, at which time the electrologist must have satisfied the requirement of 10 hours (1.0 CEUs) of continuing education for relicensure.

Visit the following site to read more about the electrology licensing standards and requirements in Massachusetts: www.electrologyma.com/electrology_in_ma.html

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