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About Electrolysis Hair Removal

electrolysis and hair folliclesElectrolysis (from the Greek λύσις [lýsis] “to separate”) is the decomposition of a salt and water solution by the action of direct electrical current. It is the ONLY method, approved by the FDA, for permanent hair removal. It targets individual hair follicles by inserting a small sterile, probe in the natural open pour created by the hair shaft.

After applying the appropriate current at the right depth the hair is separated from the papilla, the papilla is destroyed and the hair is easily removed…no tweezing is done with electrolysis. Since the probe is inserted in a natural opening in the skin, the only sensation felt is the current. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different and there are areas of the body that will be more sensitive, such as the center line where there are over-lapping nerve endings and areas where there is less fat such as upper lip, ankle area, toes and fingers. Topical anesthetics can be used if needed.

You may have heard the 3 most important rules in real estate being: LOCATION…LOCATION…LOCATION

The 3 most important rules in electrolysis are: INSERTION…INSERTION…INSERTION

It takes a well-trained and skilled electrologist to learn proper direction, pitch and depth of hair for each part of the body. Make sure your electrologist has had the proper training.

The hair follicle can be permanently destroyed during the Anagen (active) growth phase. At this stage they are connected to the blood and oxygen supply that the hair needs to grow, via the papilla. When the papilla is destroyed a new hair cannot grow. Because hair grows at different stages on different parts of the body it is important to commit to a regular schedule in order to treat all hairs in the growth stage. Best practice is to treat the hair as soon as it penetrates the epidermis (skin), as it quickly goes into a resting stage.

explaining electrolysis - hair follicle growth cycle

Most areas of the body can be treated by electrolysis, except mucous membranes, such as inside nose, mouth, ears and eyelids. Outer ear, upper lip, and eyebrows are treatable areas.

Other common areas for men and woman are: chin, beard, side burns, hair line, under arms, legs, arms, bikini area, abdomen, breast (except areolae), chest, back, feet, toes, fingers.

Electrolysis vs. Laser Comparison

Electrolysis Hair Removal vs. Laser Removal Comparison


Shaving, waxing, tweezing and depilatories are ONLY TEMPORARY methods of hair removal, can actually stimulate further hair growth, cause in-grown hairs, coarser hair and can also distort the hair follicle, making it more difficult to treat. In addition, over the course of a life-time, these methods may actually end up costing you more in time and money.

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